Classic Bicicletta


Our expert team of spin class and boxing instructors bring a unique and exhilarating workout right to the heart of Old Town Pasadena!


Classic Bicicletta Team

Each of our expert coaches has been uniquely trained in the sports of cycling and boxing for conditioning. They bring their unique personalities, backgrounds, and philosophies to their workouts. Whether you are a novice or you have decades of spin and bagwork experience, you are guaranteed to get a kickass workout.



When I discovered Spin, a form of exercise driven by music, it was exactly what I needed to get me started in what would eventually become a career in fitness. I toured in a metal band for many years and have been addicted to music - especially Rock, my whole life! So the combo of driving music & intense cardio truly spoke to me.  A dear friend encouraged me to get certified and bring Rock to the Bike! The rest is history!


Rock it Out

Coach Christy




Coach Jazz


I infuse my rides with my dancing and athletic spirit. A lifetime of sports, 15 years in the dance industry and living by my mission, Dance Through Life, I know how to push, move and go beyond the limits to help you discover a strength you didn’t even know you had.  My love for people and music will leave you a changed human being putting that pep in your step, spice in your life and have you jamming as you walk out the door.


My unique experiences in the military and fitness world have shaped my high-energy coaching style. I push everyone in class to strive for their personal best each time they Ride to the Bag with me. Rain or shine you can count on my class being motivating, playful, and the sweatiest of workouts.


Get your Glow

Coach Mango