Classic Bicicletta


Classic Bicicletta is the best new spin class in Pasadena, CA. Join us for a next level workout!

Welcome to Classic Bicicletta.

Old Town Pasadena's premier vintage cycling studio.
Our classes offer classic cycling or cycling with a round of boxing work. Choose your class and join us for a great workout!
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Lower Body Workout

Build stamina and strength, transform your body and transport your mind. This high energy music driven ride is technically sound and led by rock star coaches. 


Upper Body Workout

End your  high intensity ride with a round of boxing bag work fit for a champ. This boxing conditioning  targets your entire body; maximize endurance, build strength and power, sculpt legs, arms and core.


Full Body Benefits

Ready to Ride to the Bag? Come join us! If it is your first time taking a class at our studio please arrive 10-15 minutes early. A Classic Bicicletta team member will check you in and get you set up for your ride.