Classic Bicicletta


Classic Bicicletta offers multiple spin and cycling classes daily in the Pasadena area. Book your next indoor cycling class now!


Class Schedule

Pedal + Punch is our signature hybrid Cycling-Boxing class. Join us for a Ride to the Bag!



6:00 PM - Pedal&Punch - Christy


6:00 PM - Pedal&Punch - JAZZ


6:00 PM - Pedal&Punch - Christy


8:30 AM - Pedal&Punch - JAZZ


10:30 AM - Pedal&Punch - MANGO


10:30 AM - Pedal&Punch - MANGO

 Our Bikes can Accommodates SPD, Delta, and Athletic Foot Apparel

Our Bikes can Accommodates SPD, Delta, and Athletic Foot Apparel

Some items to remember when taking a class:

If it is your first time taking a class at the Classic Bicicletta studio please arrive 15-20 minutes early, and:

  • Bring a large towel.
  • Wear comfortable workout clothes and athletic shoe apparel. Our Schwinn AC Performance bikes with Carbon Blue Pedals are dual with toe cages and SPD fittings. You can use your specialized shoes to clip into the cleats on one side or wear athletic shoes to slip your foot into the toe cages and tighten the belt to secure them in place.

We look forward to welcoming you to our studio.

Holiday Schedule | Closed Dates:

12/24/17 - Christmas Eve - CLOSED

12/25/17 - Christmas Day - CLOSED

12/31/17 - New Year's EVE - CLOSED

1/1/18 - New Year's DAY - CLOSED


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